Swenson Vol.04

Swenson Vol.04


French and English

208 pages

Here we are, the fifth but the fourth is here. It took us a long time to release a new issue but was important for us to step back on what we built, to bring back some inspiring stuff to our readers.


Here is Swenson Vol.04

Features in Vol.04:

Satoshi Takamatsu - Spaceman

Amy Woodroffe - Kinfolk

Damian Bradfield - WeTransfer

Milda Mitkute - Vinted

Eurico Gonçalves - Gliding Barnacles

Oliver Ripley - Habitas

Piergiorgio Castellani - Ziobaffa

Devon Howard - WSL Longboard

Matthieu Beucher - Klaxoon

James Aiken - Sailor Photographer

Fabien Voileau - Photographer

Belinda Baggs - Surf Activist