Who Are We?

Swenson's community holds today over 100 members. We are creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, and professionals of all ages and backgrounds (though our average is mid-30’s to early 40’s) asking the big questions of impact. We bring together the intellectually curious who seek to create projects or companies through game-changing solutions for our oceans, and refuse to settle in their pursuit of growth, meaning, and purpose. From CEOs, CMOs and CFOs to farmers, designers, architects, scientists, illustrators, painters, coaches, and more, we are global and inclusive.


Are you…

• In transition between careers or contracts and seeking impact/ocean related perspective?
• A freelancer who believes that we can be “independent” and still have community?
• An entrepreneur, startup team, or small business owner?
• A designer, builder, or developer looking to shake things up?
• Close relationship with the ocean
• Not an asshole?

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Wondering how the project is born?

July 2015

Swenson Magazine is born

We started this project by creating a printed magazine about entrepreneurs & creatives with a close relationship to the ocean. The claim was to add flavor to entrepreneurship and share inspiring stories from passionate people

September 2016

Swenson Series

A year after launching Swenson Magazine, we started to gather a community sharing our values around inspiring talks, mainly based in Paris.

November 2017

The Swenson House

We moved the company to the edge, in Brittany, closer to the ocean and opened the first The Swenson House. A place to catalyse the community and have a place to think, imagine and work on game-changing solutions for the ocean

August 2018

Our first Ocean-Related Festival

We launched La Vie Est Belle, our first creative festival in the Audierne's Bay including live music and inspiring talks. 

June 2019

Opened two new houses

We opened two new houses to start building new communities around game-changing solutions for our oceans.