At Swenson we are gathering entrepreneurs, creatives and artists looking for game-changing solutions for our oceans


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Network of like-minded peers

Swenson is a community dedicated to outstanding people who do things for the ocean. By joining, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with other passionate makers combining their energy, network and resources to help each other achieve professional & personal success.

Network of like-minded peers

Create positive things from the coast

Asking yourself if you could work, or join a community closer to the ocean?
It's now possible with our houses based on the coast.

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Talks, Workshops, Events & Learning Expeditions

All year long we organized dozen of moments dedicated to reflexion, sensitization and project creation to improve coastline resilience, through passion, creativity and culture.
While you are a Coastal Member or Non-Coastal Member

As a Coastal Member, choose the House you want to join and engage with the local community. You'll get full access to the house, coworking space, all local events and a full time network with like-minded peers. 

For Non-Coastal Member, if you live away from the coast or in a city where The Swenson House is not yet. We have more than 5 hubs in big cities like Paris with events once a month + you can get access to our houses whenever you want + access to the full community