The Adventure Continues

Since we launched in 2016, our mission has been to create inspiring places and content for a community composed of entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, athletes, or anyone looking to find a new sense of balance in their lives. A community enthusiastic about inventing tomorrow’s way of working today.

Swenson Magazine has been dedicated to these very men and women from its outset. A handful of them have already shared deeply moving stories, including Joe Gebbia, Mike Horn, Patrick Dempsey, Arthur de Kersauson, Stuart Butterfield, Susi Mai, Rand Hindi, Fred Jourden, James Lafferty, Vince Perraud, Leila Janah, Dare Jennings, Jason Fried, Rick Ridgeway, Ryan Kingman, Patrick Long, Lauren Hill, Chad DiNenna, Morgan Maassen, Jeff Rosenthal, Alex Strohl, Molly Benn and many others. They are the ambassadors of a generation that has not just watched, but been an integral force, behind the changes sweeping through our societies around the world.

It’s a world in Scott Belsky aims to grow everyone’s creativity, an ambition that has driven him since founding Behance in 2006. And if you ask Jennifer Brooks, creativity is becoming a more and more collaborative affair, as her research studying the highest performing teams around the world can attest. Above all, these new-generation teams are on a quest for meaning, leadership, and impact.

Young entrepreneurs, creatives, movers, and shakers are looking to leave their mark. Ownership and empowerment are worth far more to them than a generous salary in a big, Fortune 500 company.

It’s a generation that isn’t afraid to move mountains, test its limits, or get out of its comfort zone by turning their lives upside down, like Jamie Ramsey did by quitting the City in London in 2014 to run across the American continent without assistance, covering more than 17,000 km.

It’s solitude that fuels the creative force behind this generation. The founders of District Vision extoll the benefits of solitude and reflection with a holistic approach to athleticism that blends running, yoga, and meditation. Yet, for this generation, solitude is not a synonym for isolation. Community is a powerful lever, one that Amir Mohamadzadeh uses to his advantage regularly as the co-founder of ROSEWOOD, a social first agency he launched in 2013 in the ever-creative and effervescent city of Los Angeles…

…Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Brooklyn, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam… We adventured across these 7 cities to bring this new volume of Swenson Magazine to life, to bring you into the dynamic energy pulsing throughout the world, so that you, in turn, might be inspired by it. And if Los Angeles or Stockholm are too far, you’re always welcome in our home, your home, at the Swenson House in Audierne, France.