Escape From Acapulco: Sun in Your Ears

Escape From Acapulco: Sun in Your Ears

Acapulco Sun in Your Ears

On a recent visit to Paris, Swenson met up with the band Escape from Acapulco, or EFA, for those in the know. Band, or band of brothers? It’s hard to tell with this tight-knit group whose singer Kevin and drummer Waren are real-life siblings. And if you ask them about how they decided to style their band, you’ll immediately understand the quirky universe of these rabble rousers. 


“Escape from Acapulco is a mix of two film titles: John Carpenter’s Escape from New York, with its somber futurism and its synthetic VHS soundtrack, and Richard Thorpe’s Fun in Acapulco, a comedy starring Elvis Presley as an extreme diver in Acapulco, with his funky multi-colored dress shirts and catchy songs.”


In the beginning, the band was no more than a group of friends who just wanted to have fun, write music, and impress the girls, like any set of respectable teenage boys. They swam through several musical styles and influences before forging their own. “One thing lead to another, we matured, and our style changed and reached its absolute peak, which is the sound everyone knows EFA by today.” A unique, wacky, and chipper mix of pop emerged, one vaguely familiar and reminiscent of the 70s, punk, and garage. Each member of the group has his own personal flourish. Nicolas the guitarist is more into funk and Mathias on the synthesizer more pop while Waren on the drams and Kevin the lead singer are more house or electro. 


“Our influences are pretty diverse, but we understand one another because we all have a mutual love of funk and pop. Earth Wind and Fire or Chic are great, but Destiny’s Child is terrible!”


Waren closes his eyes and sums it up as “letting the drumbeat  thump out the tempo that gives you an irresistible need to get up and dance...or quite simply, the music you love. A good bass, slick guitar riffs and kitsch synths with Kevin’s subtle but provocative voice.”


Kevin and Nicolas craft lyrics in English, “so everyone can understand. We all have an anglophone musical culture, so naturally, we thought it would be easier to sing in that language. It’s also allowed the group to sing for Emma Watson, the object of her very own song, and who seems to be the object of Waren’s (secret) affection. 


The group is currently recording their new EP slated for release in September on their own label, IMPER BLAZER. “We want to take our time to refine the record and come back with something super strong.” Their schedule is filling up quickly with several concerts this summer, but as Kevin says, “we’re setting aside a lot of time to record and compose.”


Some fun information about the band:

  • First album: Mathias: IAM’s L'école dû micros d'argent // Kevin: ACDC’s Back in Black // Waren: Nuttea
  • Favorite song: Waren: Everybody Get Down by Alfonso Mouzon // Kevin: Valerie by Steve Winwood // Mathias: I can't go for that by Hall & Oats // Nicolas: Street Life by Randy Crawford
  • Morning music: Kevin: No no no by Nathan Melja // Matthias: Mister blue sky by Electric Light Orchestra // Waren: Bonne journée by Rohff // Nicolas : Time to get away by LCD Soundsystem
  • Favorite memory: The killer sound system at Solidays! 
  • Worst memory: Making a baby cry!