Brand & Company Culture

Brand & Company Culture

We thought it might be a good time to listen this podcast (again).

Put together by Oxford Innovation Cornwall, this podcast features Finisterre surf brand co-founder Ernest Capbert and commercial management expert Andrew Finley talking about the importance of company / brand culture & values.

Nowadays, consumers engage with brands more deeply and emotionally, that’s why the culture and values you spread must be clearly defined and authentic to get people to buy your products or even to attract new talents.


People buy from people.

When you sit at a table and start discussing cultural values, you start to get dissonance because you start to get different types of personalities with different value sets. In a startup, the personality and the culture is originally set by the founder. When it comes to settings up such company pillars, its necessary to remain true to yourself, you can’t fake it. You have to really believe it, live it everyday and it will work. 


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