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We gather Swenson members through inspiring Talks, Workshops & Events like: 

// Measuring the impact of our companies / How to manage our oceans
// Create a sustainable digital project / Models of Impact Tools
//Private Screenings / Dinners / Live Music Show

& More...

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At the edge of somewhere

We decided to go where the topic is. Closer to the ocean. 

So we opened houses to think, imagine, work and create together, on the coast

We have Coworking space, Conference rooms, Recording music studio, Meeting Rooms, Bedrooms etc... Great places to stay, build and step back

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Hear what our members say about the community and experiences

Ryan Kingman

Cofounder, STANCE

Off the beaten path of traditional European destinations, in Northwestern France you’ll find a unique hub of entrepreneurial spirit and creativity know as The Swenson House. Rather than fitting in to a traditional “scene” they created their own. It’s a place of subtle sanctuary where you can interact with other likeminded individuals and take some time to imagine the future

Alice Sainsbury

Founder, Activewear

Swenson also run The Swenson House, a residence for community's members. I met a whole group of unique, enriching and amazing human looking for game-changing solutions for our oceans. 

Gwendal Le Cleach'

Founder, The Surf Room

The perfect community to create change, together. Creativity and collaboration are key. There is no magic fix for complex ocean threats. But there are simple steps you can take right now, and being part of this community as a business owner is actually what I needed to do the right things

Jamie Ramsay


Swenson has a knack for bringing together individuals who share an aura of positivity and adventure. The locations they choose and have are the backdrop to reflexion, sensitization and project creation to improve coastline resilience.

Romuald Garnier

Founder, Maison Biologique

Joined the community 2 years ago to step out of my comfort zone and get inspired with talks and people looking to share solutions for our impact . This lead to me digging deeper for my sense of purpose. I met very inspiring people at The Swenson House Audierne, some of them joined my team, others became very good friends...

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Coastal Membership

Choose the House you want to join and engage with the local community. You'll get full access to the house, coworking space, all local events and a full time network with like-minded peers. 

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Non Coastal Membership

You live away from the coast or in a city where The Swenson House is not yet. We have more than 5 hubs in big cities like Paris with events once a month + you can get access to our houses whenever you want

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Patrick Dempsey for Swenson
Patrick Dempsey for Swenson

By Swenson Journal on Jun 05, 2020

Voices for the Ocean
Voices for the Ocean

By Swenson Journal on Apr 14, 2020

Protect Your Peaks
Protect Your Peaks

By Swenson Journal on Apr 14, 2020

No Small Plans Podcast

Episode #3 Piergiorgio Castellani, Founder of Ziobaffa
Episode #3 Piergiorgio Castellani, Founder of Ziobaffa

By Arthur Follenfant on Jan 30, 2020

Episode #1 Kevin Le Goff, cofounder of Swenson
Episode #1 Kevin Le Goff, cofounder of Swenson

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